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The Future With AI

An easy-to-use forecasting API with high accuracy and flexible customization. 

AI Powered Prediction

You'll know what you sell, before you sell

Forekast is a prediction/forecasting service that gets time series data and produce real time feedback on what’s going to happen in the next interval to boost your business. 

It can predict what will be sold or what would be consumed ahead. So that companies could easily plan ahead. 

Originally, developed as a sales forecasting model for a fast-food giant in Turkey and achieved the best results among contestants and based on the demand in the market, became a product. 

Forekast can serve hourly, daily or custom interval predictions without a need for statistics or software background. It also could be customized by additional dimensions. 

High Accuracy

From the beginning you can enjoy the accuracy rates over %90. It will continuously improve itself with state-of-the art machine learning models and getting feedback from the actual values.

Easy Usage

There is no need for expertise on statistics, machine learning or econometrics. Just upload your history and get the future.

Flexible and Adaptive

It can be used with any time frame like weekly, daily, hourly and even minutely! You can customize the model by giving extra information like location.

A Real Life Case

Over 100 unique products

Training on the 
3 years sales data

Error rate
less than %18

Real-time forecasting of the sales with 15 minute granularity



Personalize your product offerings in real-time Increases of up to 15% in sales and conversion rates